Tarverdi Travel was started by Catherine Zuniga (former Tarverdi), a Northern California native, who attended The Master's University in Southern California. While in college, she decided to study abroad, and it was then that she truly developed a love and passion for travel! 

In 2007, Cat started Tarverdi Travel, a travel planning service, where she personally plans quality travel that fulfills individual interests and desires. Some of her specialties include Romance Travel (Destination Weddings and Honeymoons), Family Travel, Corporate Travel, and Group Travel to tropical destinations around the world. 

To say she loves her job is an understatement; Cat is passionate about her work, and does her best to create a perfect, customized itinerary for each individual. 

Cat contnues to travel the world and seek out new destinations as often as she can. 

Tarverdi Travel is an affiliate of ASAP Cruises/Outside Agents/Cruises & Tours Unlimited.